How much did India cost me?

Expenses always play a big role when it comes to traveling.

The two most common excuses why people don’t travel (although they want to) are: Time and money. For both, all I can say is that you have to prioritize. You have to take time for traveling, and you have to save money to be able to travel (carefree)

It’s not cheap, I can tell you. However, if you really want something, you can make it work. No piece of paper will hinder you.

So let’s get into the expenses.

As I have traveled through India for almost 3 months, I have no clue about every single detail I spent money on. So when I say „withdrawn money“, this will include: food, hotels, transport, activities, souvenirs (which I didn’t buy a lot), and entrance fees.

The following should only provide you with a general overview. As always, there are people who spend less money, and people who spend more money.


General overview:


Flight Frankfurt – New Delhi: 292 €


First E-Visa: 74 €


Flight New Delhi – Khajuraho: 55 €


Yoga Teacher Training 4 weeks 200 h intensive course: 1750 € + 12 € for a meditation cushion (read more about my experiences at the Arhanta ashram here)


First withdrawn cash for 5 weeks Khajuraho, and Rishikesh (click here to see a detailed overview for Rishikesh):

73€ + 61€ + 125€ + 129€ = 388 €


…. I’m excluding the expenses for Nepal (click here to see a detailed overview for 2 weeks Nepal)


Second E-Visa: 74 €


Second withdrawn cash for 2 weeks Goa (partly shared with a friend):

123€ + 126€ + 128€ + 126€ = 503 €


Stay at a Yoga Village in South Goa 152 € (the rest was paid in cash)


Flight Goa – Jaipur: 84 €


Trains Jaipur, Jodhpur, Agra: 20 €


Third withdrawn cash for 2 weeks North India (for two people):

33€ + 127€ + 127€ + 128€ + 64€ + 12€ = 491 € ( so divided by two it would be roughly 245 €)


Taj Mahal entrance fee= 16 €


Flight New Delhi – Male (Maldives) = 117 €


As you can see, it’s really difficult to give a precise total amount. Sometimes I shared expenses with someone, which I didn’t pay myself. Also, you have to take the “hidden costs” into consideration, such as travel insurance, some necessary purchases before traveling, running costs (phone contract, rent, car, etc.), and other responsibilities.

Still, to give you an approximate idea of what I spent in almost 3 months, including everything I have mentioned above: about 3800 € (or 3.782 €).

I would like to put a disclaimer here: India is a super cheap country, so you can definitely spend a lot less than what I have spent by planning more ahead, choosing cheaper accommodations, eating less in “Western” restaurants, and so on. So India on a budget is easy. I always took the option that I felt most comfortable with, as well as my travel partner at that time.

If I had traveled the whole time, I could give you an approximate amount per day. However, I stayed at an ashram for 4 weeks and didn’t have any expenses, so it wouldn’t make much sense.

I hope this will help a little bit for planning a trip to India. Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer :-).


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