How much ₹ € did Rishikesh cost me?


I know, money is always a question when it comes to trip planning. I spent one week in Rishikesh, and I would like to share with you, how much I spent during these days.


I started in Khajuraho, took a train to Jhansi (as there were not direct trains available to Delhi). Unfortunately, we couldn’t book the ticket in advance, so we had to pay twice the price.

Train tickets:

Khajuraho – Jhansi 950 ₹

Jhansi – Delhi 650 ₹


Delhi train station – bus station 400 ₹ (you pay the night price if you arrive late)

Bus ticket:

Delhi – Rishikesh 750 ₹

Rishikesh – Delhi 500 ₹


Rishikesh bus station – Hostel 400 ₹ (wayyy too much, btw!)

Hostel – Rishikesh bus station 200 ₹


I really spoiled myself and I enjoyed it. A lot! So maybe you’ll spend more. Maybe you’ll spend less. For me it was 3930 ₹.


Hostel for 7 nights was 2800 ₹.

Yoga (drop-in classes)

In total for all classes I paid 1200 ₹.

(Usually you pay around 200 ₹ – 300 ₹ per class.)


650 ₹.

Total expenses for 6 days/ 7 nights in Rishikesh including transportation and accomondation: 12430 ₹. 

(right now this would be around 156 €).


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