4 best vegan restaurants/cafes in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is heaven on earth when it comes to vegan options in the northern part of India. The locals definitely know how to attract the “typical yogis”.

Organic stores everywhere, selling essential oils, Ayurveda tools, supplements, healthy snacks, spiritual books, gemstones, etc.

The best thing is: they have vegan chai at so many places! It’s awesome (everyone who’s vegan and who’s traveling through India will understand). Chai is usually made with cow’s milk and here you can get the “full Indian Chai experience” in a la vegan.

As there is a huge variety of places to go, I will name the 4, I enjoyed the most:

1.Little Buddha

We went here mostly for breakfast as this was the best place where my belly was super duper happy after a yoga class in the morning. However, as it’s November and Little Buddha is not on the sunny side, bring a jacket! It’s shady and the wind can be super freezing. However, the food is amazing!

Another bonus: they have reusable straws. Big fat YES!

: for a breakfast plate like above with scrambled tofu, bread, etc., a juice and vegan chai you pay 240 RS (right now about 3 €).

2. Tat Cafe

We stayed at a hostel very close by that cafe, so it was easy to reach for us. Also the view is just breathtaking. As it’s on the sunny side, you can spend the whole day here chilling in the sun enjoying some vegan chai. Also, the owner is a funny guy 😉


: For a breakfast plate you pay around 300 RS (ca. 3,70 €), and for dinner around 280 (3,50 €) with a tea.

3. Beatles Cafe

The Beatles Cafe is next to Tat Cafe so you can hop from one to the other. It’s a great place for dinner (plus dessert!). Always ask for a vegan version. As the owner is vegan, they serve almost everything as a vegan option.


Extracts from the menu 🙂

4. Ganga View

They serve nice vegan cake, but honestly? It’s about the interior and the atmosphere. You can spend a nice afternoon here, enjoying some coffee (vegan latte, cappuccino, whatever you desire).

: The cakes are around 70 RS (ca. 90 cents), a vegan latte is 100 RS (ca. 1,25€), tea is 40 RS (50 cents).


If you have been traveling through India, some of the prices might seem a lot to you, I understand. There are also local Indian restaurants, of course. But one part of being a backpacker/tourist/yogi in Rishikesh is the comfortable atmosphere and the easy going spirit which you can definitely enjoy in the cafes/restaurants I mentioned above.

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