Contrasts in Mykonos

“named after Apollo’s grandson, Mykonos truly is Greece’s island of the sun god“, “…known for its fantastic summers, with beautiful white sandy beaches…”, “its heavenly turquoise water” ….


… and its TRASH!


So much trash that you can’t even avoid looking at it.

Most of the pollution I’ve seen is discarded single use plastics. As the island is extremely windy, there’s hardly no corner without empty water or alcohol bottles, straws, plastic bags or cigarette butts.


Reading that the protection of the environment is a really fragile issue in Greece and the Greek islands, it’s our responsibility to be an “exemplary tourist” (😎).
There’s a few things we can do to avoid contributing to this and I’m gonna mention 3 easy peasy ones:
* pick up some trash (only 5 mins a day or whenever you feel like it needs to be done in a certain area)
* kindly ask to get your drinks without a straw or bring your own

* always bring your own bags to avoid the single use plastic bags most supermarkets usually offer you.

after all, talk to people & be a good example.


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