The beauty of Mykonos








Some insider tips:

Favorite beaches:

  • Agios Sostis Beach
  • Agrari Beach

Favorite hike:

  • Starting in Ornos, walking on the coast towards the neighbor island Delos, back towards Ornos Beach and to Agios Ioannis (ca. 19 km)

Favorite sunset spots:

  • Agios Ioannis 
  • Lighthouse Armenistis Faros

Favorite time of the day:

  • 7 am in Little Venice

Favorite restaurants:

  • The Bowl (Ornos), vegan but pricy
  • Bellissimo Pizza & Pasta (Agios Ioannis), great vegan pizza or grilled vegetables and a cheap option

Pretty cool things about Mykonos:

  • beautiful nature, the water is woooooow & super clear
  • different cultures, people coming together from all over the world
  • perfect for everyone (party people, families, singles, couples, everyone)
  • small island, easy to get around & explore
  • nice to stay for a week & travel to another Greek island via ferry 
  • not too hot in the summer due to the wind (good for hiking)

The not so cool things about Mykonos:

  • super touristy (12,000 inhabitants, 60 k tourists during high season, 40 k in September/October)
  • very windy (careful of sunburns!)
  • extremely expensive! It really is the island of the rich & famous
  • a lot of (plastic) pollution


Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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