what I packed for: 3 weeks sri lanka

The day has finally arrived: we’re leaving Winter and we are soooo ready for summer, sun, beach, coconuts, walks in beautiful nature, adventures, tuk tuks, and so on. The only thing that still needs to be done before we start to travel is packing. I will show you what I packed for traveling to Sri Lanka for 3 weeks.


The essentials

5 (1 von 1).jpg

I got myself an Osprey Farpoint 40 (basically with this backpack you can travel only with hand luggage), and clothes bags (they are great for getting everything organized in your backpack, I got mine from here).


4 (1 von 1)

I’m bringing 2 of my leggings for hiking tours (one with long, one with 3/4 legs), as well as my elephant pants from Thailand which I always carry in my back in case we’re visiting a temple and I need to cover my skin. Also, I’m taking my short yogi pants with me, and 2 of my relaxing, light shorts.


bl2 (1 von 1).jpg

I’m taking 2 t-shirts and 2 tank tops with me. All of them are a little wider and super light. There is only one top that is a little more fancy, but I can also wear it as a singlet. Don’t forget to bring shorts and an extra shirt for sleeping.

Undies & Shoes

6 (1 von 1).jpg

I rather have too many undies than not enough so even though we will wash our stuff, I’m taking 10 undies with me. I’m wearing a bralet on the flight and I’m bringing a sports bra, as well as 7 pairs of socks. I’m going to wear my Sketchers on the flight (they are super light in case I have to put them in my backpack) and I’m taking my flip flops, of course.

Knit wear ( ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

knit (1 von 1).jpg

If you ever lived out of a backpack before, you’ll know: basically everything is knit wear. I like to have a longer shirt and a light cardigan that I can wear over my normal clothes in case we visit a temple or if it gets a little chilly. I’m also brining a dress and a jumpsuit.

Toiletries & medicine

bl (1 von 1).jpg

Since it is going to be two of us traveling, we’re bringing “big” bottles of shampoo, shower gel, sunscreen, and after sun. Also, we’re bringing liquid soap in case something needs to be washed immediately, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellent, and “bite away” for mosquito bites.

I’m not really taking any medicine. The last time I went to South East Asia I did have some digestion troubles, though. So this time I’m trying to prevent this whole thing by taking probiotics to support the intestinal flora. We’ll see how this works, I’ll keep you updated :-). For headaches (I usually don’t get very bad ones) I’ll take OLBAS (essential oil) with me, as well as tee tree oil for any skin damages. And of course my B12 drops. Not to forget the good old first aid kit with plasters, etc.

Everything else

3 (1 von 1).jpg

I usually have my travel diary with me as well as one book. I always bring my belt bag (a life safer!!!). But also my toilet bag, my yogi mat, a microfibre towel, charging cables, travel adapters, stainless steel straws for thaaa coconuts (good for the planet ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), a bag for my rain jacket that I can put on my backpack, sunnies and my bandana.

I suggest to wear a sweater on the flight and your rain jacket (don’t forget this important element in a country like Sri Lanka!), your sneakers, a light scarf and cozy socks(you don’t want to get sick on the way to your well-deserved vacation).

Stay tuned for all my Sri Lanka travel adventures & tips and subscribe to my blog.

See you soon :-).

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