how to plan a backpacking trip (to sri lanka)

I guess, most of the backpacking community has traveled to (South East) Asia. It is cheap, easy to travel, easy to meet companions to travel with, warm, safe, etc.

This post is especially for those who have never done this before and want to know how to actually get started with planning an adventurous trip with a backpack on your back.

Go prepare yourself a hot (vegan) chocolate and a cosy flair with candles and some cashews and almonds to stay concentrated and let’s get started.


Here are 4 tips to become more comfortable about planning a trip to actually any country but in particular Sri Lanka.

  1. Check social media impressions

What I always do before I go and visit a place is check other people’s blogs or go on Instagram/ Pinterest and check out the places or hashtags. I promise, there will be a lot and you can spend hours/days/months to look at photos and read about people’s experiences.

  1. Get first hand tips from friends/relatives

That is why you should ALWAYS consider speaking to friends or relatives who have traveled to the country before. In my case, my best friend, another friend, my aunt, and my co-workers have been to Sri Lanka. So I listen to their tips/experiences rather than to any blogger or “Insta-celebrity”. We even know someone who grew up in Sri Lanka and has family over there. That’s of course the best source you can get ;-).

  1. Print a map & mark all places

After I informed myself about places to go/not to go, I print a map of the country. I rarely ever buy myself a travel guide book since you can get all information online and as I said, I prefer first hand experiences. Also: sometimes, your friends already have a guide that you can borrow. After printing the map, I mark all the places/destinations I want to visit. That way, you can easily connect all the dots and you will get a travel route. I’m not a big fan of planning everything in advance because you don’t want to end up being rushed all the time. Remember, it’s still vacation! So, go ask your friends or check out a blog that has great impressions to see how much time you will approximately need in every place you go to.

  1. Go get all the remaining stuff done

Finally, you can apply for your visa. The visa for Sri Lanka costs 35$ at the moment and you will receive it within an hour after applying (everything is explained in German here).

If you’re already a big traveler, you shouldn’t worry about any vaccinations (e.g. hepatitis A,B). If this will be your first trip, you should always consult an experienced tropic doctor.

Also, if you’re new to the backpacking travels: check out some youtube videos (for minimalists travelers here , and some travel hacks here ). As this will be my first backpack travel with only hand luggage (40 l backpack), I will share my experiences on the blog soon.

And don’t forget to book your first night(s). Since we will arrive at 2 am on the 26th, we booked the night in a guest house in Negombo with an airport shuttle. We like to go with and book the nights one day in advance.

Et voila, your travel plan is fix!

I hope this will help you planning your next trip. Don’t panic too much, don’t be scared to get lost (there are always people helping you), just do it!

Stay tuned for all my Sri Lanka travel adventures & tips and subscribe to my blog.

See you soon :-).


One thought on “how to plan a backpacking trip (to sri lanka)

  1. Sri Lanka is definitely on my A-list, which is quite extensive, over a five-year period. Of course, this means I will at certain times be on a shoestring, but it’s the interaction with the people that matters most.

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