HOW TO EAT VEGAN: at an Indian restaurant

On my mom’s birthday we wanted to have a special dinner and we decided to go for an Indian restaurant in Cologne.

Here are the the super yummi dishes we had:

That’s the way our table looked like (we weren’t sure if it was only decorated like this only for my mom’s birthday).


Anyhow, let’s get to the food. As starters we had

*Chole aur Aloo Puri*

Chick peas curry, deep fried bread of whole wheat flour and potato dough


The big bread balloons were mushy and slightly sweet, whereas the chick pea curry was hot and hat kind of a meaty consistency.



Baked pies stuffed with spicy potato, green pies and peanuts


The mashed potatoes with peas were sheathed in delicious dough.

For the main dishes we had:

*Subji Jalfrezi*

Baby corn, cauliflower, carrot, snow pea, bean, bell pepper, button mushroom and tomato, stir fry with curry sauce


*Bhindi Masala*

Fresh okra cooked with onions, herbs, tomatoes and spices


Both of us preferred the subji since the bhindi is pretty hot and we loved the way the vegetables were cooked for the subji meal. Still, both plates were empty after we were done eating.

It may not look like a lot to you, but we were super full afterwards and my food belly felt great :-).

As you can see, it is super easy and super delicious to eat vegan at an Indian restaurant. In total we paid around 42€ for the the starters and main dishes. Also, we got an “amuse-gueule” from the kitchen beforehand.

In case you live close by Cologne or you want to try the food yourself, go check out the restaurant we went to: This is definitely a high quality Indian place you can go to, for example on special occasions.

Have fun and I hope you consider to take the vegan option next time you eat at an Indian restaurant :-).

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